Accepted proposals to the 2018 NZALT Conference*


A take on Māori culture in a second language classroom. Sonia Slade
“Adomania” and Task Based Methodology in practice for secondary school students of French Jillian Symons
Aligning Curriculum levels and language expectations with NCEA standards Shirley Bain
Asian Language Learning In Schools (ALLiS): The question of sustainability Sharon Harvey
Assessment of Languages using the ALC tests: test structure and school experience Gabriella Bertolissi
Conceptions of Culture in Languages Education Andrew Scrimgeour
Corrective feedback: novel approaches in the second language learning conversation class. Mónica Colás Aparicio
Decolonising language education: Our role as language teachers Juliet Kennedy
Discovering new worlds through Spanish Gregoria López García
Emerging technologies in Languages Education Nathan Lane
Enhancing language learners’ intercultural capability: Possibilities, challenges, and ways forward Martin East
Excellence – what does it look like? Shirley Bain
Exploring Other Worlds through online World Café. Masayoshi Ogino
Exploring the world of school leaders in quality language programs Amanda Pentti
How do you say “how do you say”? Nathalie Bourneville
ImmerseMe: Virtual Reality-based Software for Innovative, Interactive Language Learning Scott Cardwell
Infusing our Language Classrooms with Positive Education Gabriela Maldonado
Intercultural communicative language teaching (iCLT): Selected practical points of departure Elba Ramirez
Intercultural Understanding and World Citizenship: WW1 Commemoration Project, 2014-2018 Anne Scott
Is this a group decision? Creating social autonomy in language learners Diana Feick
Language Perfect’s Languages in Action 2.0: Online learning and assessment starts here! Trudi Wigg
Learning vocabulary in semantic sets: Myths about myths Zorana Vasiljevic
“Living a meaningful life/ Ikigai” & Idioms for reading and listening tasks for Year 12/13 Fiona Howat
Make a joyful noise Janet McCallister
Now we’re talking! Using avatars and filters to promote oracy Joe Dale
Preparing for the external assessments – Learning Languages Annabelle Sinclair
Progress on embedding an intercultural orientation to teaching languages Anne- Marie Morgan
Ready? Set? Assess! – A collaborative approach to assessment practice Sherryl Saunders
Reflecting in learning logs when writing for portfolio assessment: Impact and implications Anne Scott
Skipping up Chinese mountains in one lesson a week Belinda Dello-Iacovo
“Speak freely”! – Enhancing speaking skills even for those reluctant to talk Heike Papenthin
Task-based language teaching: Is it really possible in real classrooms? Karen Hu
Te Ao Mariko: Virtual Reality for Learning Te Reo Māori Sophie Tauwehe Tamati
Teachers as learners: Supporting growth of purposeful community Languages programs Cynthia Dodd
Teaching and Learning in the Virtual Space Emma Bergh
Teaching beginner learners  through input-based tasks Rosemary Erlam
Teaching language from culture – an integrated approach Sorrel O’Leary
Teaching Second Language through Literacy Kathleen Duquemin
Teaching Social-Emotional Intelligences Through Languages Tilka Brown
Teaching speaking skills online using SpeakApps Nouf Aljohani
Teaching tech: How to approach ICT in a languages classroom – tools for the student and teacher. Aaron Nolan
The intercultural dimension in language classrooms: highlights of a comparative study Elba Ramirez
The new PLD landscape – What do you need from it? Annabelle Sinclair
Thriving with combined classes Morgan Patterson
Unleash the orchestrators! Enable the collaborators! Cynthia Dodd
Using Apple Clips, animation and filmmaking in the languages classroom Joe Dale
Using Proficiency Scales as differentiation instruments Carlos Franco
Viewing the world through online feedback eyes: Re-assessing our practice Adele Scott
World Cafe – STEAM, ILEs, what’s on top for you? Jeni  Lemberg
Y9 Curriculum Review Maria Blanco Blanco


* Please note that this list is only of Accepted Proposals. Proponents have to confirm their attendance and register to the conference before this list becomes final. 

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